For those not-so rich.

For the young, For the old.

For the women. For the men.

For the gender neutral.


For the gig economy.

For the freelancers.

For the employed.

For the entrepreneur.

For the athlete.

For the para-athlete.

For the weekend warrior.

For those with disability.

For those from any background.

For those of any ethnicity or race.

For those of any religion or belief.

For the leavers.

For the remainers.

For everybody.




Reason #1 -

We care

Because we care.  We care about you. We care about the communities and you are more than a number to us.

To us, you are Sally, Pete, Abdulah, Daniel, Jane, William, Mohammed and Jennifer.

We don’t charge you “extras” and we have no quotas to meet for you to come to us.

We just know we provide extremely good care, and it’s value for money.

Reason #2 -

Easy to access

Easy to Access. With one phonecall we can get you booked in for a consultation.

We do not want you waiting around feeling ill. We want you feeling better and being your awesome self.

We will let you choose when you come and see us, not us telling you when we are free.

Reason #3 -


We are Yorkshire Born and Bred. We live and provide to your community.

We employ local experts to deliver your care – so they can make your care more personal.



Are you worried about your health or wish to be seen quicker than the NHS?


We can offer you a range of options.  Our most popular option for being quicker is our self pay option. This is where we will provide you with care and you will pay for it at the time of treatment. 


We will give you a clear breakdown of what we think it may cost for you to be treated, and you have control over what you want to do.  We will never force you down the self pay pathway and will always happily discuss all options including being referred back to your NHS GP for them to refer you onto the NHS Waiting Lists.

Our treatments are considerably cheaper than you may think, and all of our procedures are able to be paid for on a standard credit card limit (£3200).


We do suggest you review the use of Private Medical Insurance as an alternative to Self Pay to see which is best for you.


Our costs are clearly published on our website, and you can view these here.



Thank you for employing amazing staff.  Staff that you employ not only help your customers, but they help their communities too. By paying your staff they ultimately put their hard earned money back into their communities, their local coffee shop, their local restaurant and into other fantastic local initiatives.


If they have a day off work, it loses you money, and those staff who have long standing health issues wont be as effective.  We think its only right that as employers we all look after our employees that little bit more.

As a business we understand the impact that sickness has, and we want to help you reduce this as much as possible in your workforce. 

Our healthcare schemes for employers are on a pay as you go basis, and we can do a whole range of healthcare and wellbeing solutions for you.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can work with you.



We are cheaper than most major providers of healthcare and this is why:

  • We invest locally – in Yorkshire

  • We only use doctors and consultants based in Yorkshire

  • We are a local business – no big corporate overheads

  • We have our own building – no city centre rents

  • We believe in the community – no big corporate marketing schemes just ones for local people

Here's what our treatment costs are made up of:

  • Doctors and Nurses Pay

  • Cost of the clinic

  • Cost of healthcare and medical supplies

  • Donation to local charities and causes

  • Support staff – helping provide your care

  • Cost of cleaning

  • Governance – making the unit clinically best practice

  • Our central team which make things happen


There is no payment towards large corporate investors.


(Minor illness, blood tests*, referrals and more):

First - Video: £75

First - Face to Face: £120

Follow Up -  Video: £50

Follow Up - Face to Face: £75££7575


30 minutes: £30

*Additional costs for blood tests


(Assessment and treatment for abdominal and bowel issues):

Consultation: £200

Flexible Gastroscopy: £1,300

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy: £1,300

Colonoscopy: £1,500


(Surgical procedures for moles, lumps and bumps):

Consultation: £200

Skin lesion removal: £800

Mole removal: £800

Punch biopsy: £400

Cautery: £250

Cryotherapy (up to 4 lesions): £120

Cyst Removal: £250


30 mins (follow up): £45

45 mins: £50

60 mins (initial): £60


(Treatment for joints and pain):

Consultation: £250


(Assessment and treatment for headaches):

Consultation: £200

Follow up: £125


(A scan to produce images of the body):

MRI 1 body part: £330

MRI 2 body parts: £595

MRI 3 body parts: £859

Contrast: £80

Ultrasound: £130

Ultrasound with injection: £250

X-Ray 1 area: £90

X-Ray 2 areas: £138

X-Ray 3 areas: £186


(Assessment and treatment for bladder issues):


Consultation: £200

Vasectomy: £1300

Cystoscopy: £1,300


(Treatment for conditions of the ear, nose and throat):


Consultation: £200

Microsuction: £180

Microsuction with nurse: £100

Nasendoscopy: £240


(Assessment and treatment for eye conditions):

Consultation: £200

Excision of eyelid: £440

Cryotherapy of lesion: £620

Biopsy of eyelid: £750


(Assessment and treatment for skin conditions):

Consultation: £200

Follow up: £90


Please find an overview of our prices. If you want a tailored  price please get in touch on 0113 539 4646



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