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Why choose LivingCare as your primary healthcare provider?

Why choose LivingCare as your primary healthcare provider?

We’ve recently launched a host of private healthcare services. This means that as well as providing quality specialist care, for example MRI scans, you can now rely on us for all your primary care needs. This includes a private GP (doctor), clinics for weight management and health and wellbeing, counselling and physiotherapy. And you don’t need to be referred by another consultant to use our services, you can contact us directly.

What makes our primary healthcare different?

We understand that your time is important, so we provide access to primary care in a way that’s flexible and works for you. In 2017, our 40,000 patients made 147,000 appointments across our 12 UK sites, and our average appointment wait time was just two days. We also have extended opening hours to provide appointment times that you can fit around your busy lifestyle.

This means that if you do need specialist care, or you want to see a medical professional at a time that suits you, you can get this organised without having to wait for an extended period of time. At our Thorpe Park clinic we provide almost 40 services onsite, such as endoscopy, dermatology, ultrasound and ear, nose and throat (ENT). We have the latest technology in Yorkshire, including a multimillion pound imaging clinic, which features the region’s first private 3T MRI scanner.

The benefits of private care

Aside from having flexibility when it comes to booking an appointment, there are plenty of other benefits available for those that come to LivingCare for their healthcare:

  1. You will be given the time you need from a healthcare professional to fully discuss your symptoms or concerns

  2. You can have an assessment to reach or confirm a diagnosis

  3. You can discuss your treatment options in depth with a medical specialist

  4. It’s a great opportunity to get a second opinion, further information or just a better treatment plan

Services available

Our medical team are specialists in a number of areas, including:

  • Blood testing

  • Sexual health and family planning

  • Health screening for both men and women

  • Vaccinations for adults and infants

  • Weight loss management

  • Cryotherapy and minor procedures, including wart removal

  • Allergy and food testing

Our Thorpe Park facility

Located just outside of Leeds city centre, Thorpe Park is easily accessed from the M62 and M1 and has onsite parking. At LivingCare we always provide a high level of support and attention to detail


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