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Weight loss – it has its up’s and downs.

When you have been carrying excess weight and you embark on a routine when you lose some through diet and exercise it feels like an amazing achievement, whether it’s a pound or a kilo to a stone.

Take your time.

If you lose weight quickly there is evidence that suggests you will quickly regain the weight lost. You need to take you time, preserve and get the results slowly. It can be frustrating when you don’t get the immediate results after a week of diet and exercise. What you may also find is that weight comes off you quickly initially, but then really slows down. Do not worry about this, continue on your healthy journey. Do not give up!

The right measurements.

If you are a woman, you can expect that your body weight fluctuates significantly throughout the month by up to 10lbs, especially around your period. If you want to see you success, do not just look at scales, get a tape measure and measure parts of your body – this is by far a more accurate way of measuring your successes. Remember muscle weighs more than fat.

The only way to lose fat.

If you are wanting to lose fat, it is essential to exercise. You cannot lose fat by diet alone. Do not be tempted to overdo your training and exercise though. Your body will not forgive you. If you push too hard your body will have fatigue and will be more likely to pick up viruses such as a cold.

Losing weight has its ups and downs.

The simple message is that we can change weight and shape throughout the month, regardless of diet and exercise we may gain a little, or lose a little. The best way is to measure your body using a tape measure, and celebrate each success. Do not be disheartened if the scales fluctuate remember muscle is heavier than fat.


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