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Tips for staying calm during a blood test

1. Drink tons of water.

Tons!! Chugging water before your test can really improve your blood flow and make everything much quicker and easier. It’ll be over before you know it. (Please note, if you’ve been told to fast – You will not be able to follow this tip)

2. If you’re feeling anxious, tell us!

Here at LivingCare our staff want you to speak up about your concerns. If you’re feeling worried about your blood test, please let us know straight away. Don’t be embarrassed - We’ve dealt with so many people, including our own staff, who feel nervous when they’re about to have a blood test. We know loads of tips and tricks that can help you, so definitely let us in on the secret!

3. Request a butterfly needle.

Butterfly needles are smaller needles that have rubber tubes between the needle and the collection vial. These are great not just because the needle is smaller but because the rubber in between the needle and the vial means that the rubber absorbs the motion and the needle doesn’t move in your arm.

4. Distract yourself!

We know that anxiety is an issue for a lot of people who have blood tests. Anything that distracts you is a great way to deal with this. For example, talking to the nurse, listening to music or thinking about your next amazing holiday can certainly help. The key to this is never looking at the needle.

5. Keep warm.

When you’re cold, your veins tend to shrink. This means that when you are warm it’s much easier for our nurses or healthcare assistants to insert a needle into your vein. If you’re an extra nervous person, wearing warm clothing and taking extra precautions to ensure you aren’t cold will be a great way to help the process move as quickly as possible.

Should be in interested in having any specific blood tests, you can do this by visiting our private GP service at LivingCare, you can read more information here: or call us on 0113 397 0981 to book.


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