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THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE - Symposium - Thank you!

Yesterday LivingCare held their Inaugural Symposium discussing "The Future of Healthcare".

The event attracted over 50 local individuals who represent the vast fabric of the healthcare economy across Yorkshire. LivingCare brought together the speakers to support and infuse the movement of partnerships and networks being developed in national strategy and that partnership between the independent and public sector providers.  

We were privileged to have three exemplar speakers which took attendees on a journey from how the fabric of the NHS has always been about partnerships between public and independent sector, how primary care first originated on this principle through to the legal framework and how legislation has to catch up with service delivery and there has to be the laws to support the delivery of the new Strategic Transformation Partnerships. This continued into how such partnerships can bring great results for public health and improving population health.

We openly extend our thanks to David Hare (Independent Healthcare Providers Network), Robert McGough (HillDickinson LLP) and Dr Chris Low (Sheffield Hallam University).

Partnerships must be formed to continue to create a healthcare system that can continue to meet the complexity and demands of our local populations without compromising on patient care and outcomes.  Its is recognised that delays to treatment not only cause a greater cost to the economy, the patients health and to our overall system. How we continue to develop the system and ensure that we protect care which is free at the point of need is essential.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the Symposium with those who were unable to attend and wish to discuss with LivingCare future partnerships.  This event was well received and will be organised for next year, making this an annual event that can discuss the future of healthcare and encourage the development of meaningful partnerships across healthcare.

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Our speakers presentations are available here for download.


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