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Take a look inside our relocatable Canon 1.5T MRI scanner

Currently located at the English Institue of Sports, Sheffield.

About our Canon 1.5T MRI Scaner

MRI stands for ‘magnetic resonance imaging’ – a fancy way of describing medical imaging made by using powerful magnets. Scanners are available with different strength magnets – stronger systems are commonly used for musculoskeletal imaging, but by using Canon’s artificial intelligence (AI) know-how, we’re able to produce comparable imaging with our lower field strength system.

A lower field strength has some advantages over higher strength systems – let’s have a look:

#1 Our 1.5T MRI scanners can scan in shorter time

Using AI, we’re able to run shorter sequences whilst still producing high quality imaging. This is great for people who might find laying flat painful, or for those who struggle with claustrophobia.

#2 State-of-the-art tech allows for better image quality

Our scanner uses state-of-the-art hardware so we can achieve improved image quality when comparing to older systems at the same field strength.

#3 Better for patients joint replacements

Although patients with joint replacements can be imaged safely at various magnet strengths, image quality will be reduced at higher strengths. We can get high quality imaging at a lower field strength – this is due to some complicated physics working away in the background.

#4 Keeping cost and prices low

We aim to deliver healthcare at affordable prices, both to the NHS and our private patients. Lower strength magnets are more readily available and cheaper to run in comparison to higher strength systems – this means our costs are lower, and we can pass these savings on to you and our NHS clients.

MRI Scans from just £350.00*

*prices correct as of 26/08/2022

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