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Supporting Women's Football

At LivingCare we treat a range of athletes from a range of sports and clubs. We work with over 50 professional clubs across Yorkshire and Humber including some of the aspiring athletes on the British Olympic Programme.

Over the last few months whilst play has stopped on many pitches it saw us as a provider look at how we ensure we encourage parity to our services. We have targeted and supported clubs who have approached us rather than us reaching out to clubs.

We thought we would look at a club where if we were to invest some time and resource into the club the impact that it would make would be significant. We had a fantastic conversation with Tony Gill at Ilkley Town AFC around their women's team. After Tony had discussed with us the set up, the leagues in which they play and for us it made absolute sense to work with the team to help them achieve their aspirations.

We have agreed to work with Tony and the team for the next season and look forward to seeing their results, especially with the impact that COVID-19 has had on the various grass roots sports across Yorkshire and Humber.


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