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Our Swabbing Site

We have recently had an individual with a YouTube Channel visit our site and without permission film our staff and our swabbing site. On that post there are some factual errors in their social media post.

Whilst we recognise there has been some negative media coverage on the track and trace system which is operated by private providers on behalf of HM Government and the NHS our provision is not part of this.

LivingCare do not provide a service on behalf of NHS Track and Trace system. Our swabbing site is in place for patients who are needing a procedure on the NHS and the procedure presents an increased risk to those clinicians that are undertaking this procedure. The swabbing of these patients are in line with best practice laid down by clinical bodies.

Our swabbing facility is operated to ensure that patients are able to access care and cancer pathways. The capacity that is not required for NHS patients requiring a swab for care that this will be offered to individuals who need fit to fly travel certification in line with COVID restrictions. This will ease the pressure on the system and individuals who may be presenting at NHS Track and Trace for fit to fly swabs.

The money/profit that is made from the clinical team undertaking face to face swabbing will be reinvested back into the NHS provision to reduce the cost burden on the NHS in providing this care.

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