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Investment or a Cost?

Throughout the whole general election we have heard the rhetoric that the NHS is a cost and that we need to put more money into the nations healthcare system.

But is it really a cost? Or is it an investment?

Sickness across the country costs the UK economy £18bn per annum and is expected to rise. The NHS prevents this figure being considerably more. It prevents this through it’s beautiful fabric of NHS CCGs, NHS acute trusts, Community Trusts, PCNs, GPs, Dentists, Opticians and the independent sector.

It costs £139bn per annum to run the NHS and its fabric including capital projects (circa £7bn per annum spent on capital). Circa £132bn is spent per annum within the industry with UK base or with NHS Staff. This ultimately changes the perceived costs of NHS to being an investment. If for every £1 spent in the health service improves the economic status of a community - this makes it an investment NOT a cost. People who attend with health issues consume the systems resources but if that person goes back to work, if that person is able to create value in what they do to society, to the community, then this in itself is enough to INVEST IN HEALTHCARE.

What healthcare does bring is a wealth into the economy. Healthy people bring wealth, which in turn improves health. Health can change individuals and communities. It can improve the health, the worth, the aspirations of individuals and of their community.

Healthcare isn't a cost, its the link to creating healthy individuals, to creating a strong economy. For each individual working, creates income and value. For each individual spending money in the community because they are working and earning creates value. For each individual who is able to support someone who needs care and help is a saving in resource. Spending on the NHS and social care isnt a cost, it mobilises the economy, it drives mobility in expenditure, and improves the individual value of people and their communities.

Lets us Healthcare to incubate investment, to improve the fortunes for many communities. To make a difference to lives.

So we must reflect on what’s the Return On Investment - we don’t believe that the NHS is a cost. It is truly an investment.

An investment in society.

An investment in communities.

An investment in every citizen, young and old across the UK.

An investment in economic growth.



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