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But really? Is it that?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Often around this time of year it’s a period of reflection on the old, and setting targets for the new year. We all hear the saying New Year, New Year.

But really? Is it that?

What do you want to achieve in the new year that failed in the old year?

Is the Old Year an Old You? What is the old you? Starting this new year its important to understand what you want to change if anything, and actually do you really want to change or is it just going along with the crowd. Health and Wellbeing is one of the topics that features highly in those changes people are wishing to make.

You will have heard others or even yourself saying “I wish to lose a couple of stones”, “I am going to start a new skin care regime”, “I just want to feel fitter”, “I want to spend more time with family”, “I want to change job”. Reality is though this is down to you, and you only to change. Year after year you attempt to make the changes, but why haven’t you?

It comes down to motivation to change, willingness to change and ease to change. If change is easy you would do it. If success was easy, we would all be successful (and how we define success is down to you). If losing weight was easy, we would all eat and drink all we would want.

In my opinion what is most important is your overall health and wellbeing. Looking after your health and knowing how your body is working is essential to making any change. Making sure you are looking after both your physical and mental health ensures that you are motivated, that you are able to make the changes, and that actually that new year, new you is possible. So why not make 2020 the real year of change. The real year of improving who you are and creating the new you. Your health matters, and only you can decide how you manage it.

Make it a positive choice. We are here for you.

Article has been published in JLife Magazine.


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