Providing support, advice and treatment for all women going through the Perimenopause and the Menopause

This detailed consultation is up to one hour in length and includes exploring your medical history, your understanding and areas of concern, then building a bespoke treatment package that is evidence based, safe and tailored to you.


This is then followed by telephone call after 2-3 weeks to ensure the treatment plan is working well and you have no side effects. The fee includes a prescription and a letter to your GP if requested.




  • What does a menopause consultation involve?

I take a full history which includes checking past medical history, family history and a discussion around all your symptoms and concerns. The appointment includes a tailored examination which often includes a blood pressure check, and a BMI check and may involve a more intimate examination if it is appropriate. A chaperone will be offered to all women. We then clarify what it is you most want my help with and together we decide on a bespoke treatment package which may involve Hormone replacement therapy if appropriate. The consultation often lasts 40-50 minutes. The appointment includes a 10 minute follow up call or e-mail conversation when you have been established on your chosen regime.

The appointment time also includes admin time and if appropriate, will include a letter to your NHS GP or a referral letter. 


  • Does a consultation include blood tests?

No, often a diagnosis of hormone deficiency can be made on the clinical findings alone. If blood tests are advised, these are at an extra cost which will be discussed with you so you can decide if you’d like to proceed.


  • Do you prescribe testosterone therapy?

Yes, if after discussion with yourself, I believe you would benefit from a trial of treatment with testosterone replacement, baseline Blood tests will be organised and a prescription issued based on these results. Three monthly blood tests to monitor hormone levels are needed after the commencement of therapy until you are stable and happy with the treatment.


  • Do you prescribe bio-identical hormone therapy?

As a British menopause society member, bio-identical HRT is not recommended or endorsed and as such, I do not prescribe them. 


  • Can you prescribe my hormone replacement therapy on the NHS?

No, all prescriptions are private prescriptions and can be dispensed at any chemist of your choice but need to be paid for. With your consent, if you are stable and happy with your replacement regime and wish for me to discharge you back to your NHS GP asking them to take over the prescribing, this can be organised.


  • Does my health insurance cover your costs?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover work around the perimenopause and menopause however it may be worth checking with your supplier. Receipts can be provided for insurance purposes upon request.



  • Private GP & Menopause Specialist.

  • As an NHS and subsequently a private GP with 20 years of clinical experience, I have developed expertise and immense passion for supporting women struggling with their perimenopausal and menopausal transition. I trained in Leeds and Bradford and became a partner in General Practice in 2002, which I enjoyed for many years. I also built up my expertise in teaching and training during my time there as a partner,  developing as an experienced educationalist over 15 years. I am well-recognised throughout Yorkshire for providing the highest standard of clinical care to my patients.

  • I believe strongly that all patients should be actively listened to, advised on the need for investigations, given different treatment options and followed up safely and efficiently.

  • All my patients are empowered to help them choose the best treatment options available, to stay well both now and in the future. I work with my patients develop a management plan unique to them and this is especially true of my professional relationship with women in the perimenopause and menopause.

  • As a postmenopausal woman myself, I  developed this service when I realised how little support and expertise there was readily available within the N.H.S.

  • I provide safe, effective and evidence based medicine, tailoring  treatment specifically to individual patients depending on their circumstances, choices and needs.



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All our services are held at Thorpe Park Clinic; our purpose built modern facility based in Colton, Leeds.


Patients access the service from across the whole of West Yorkshire to come to our facility.  The clinic hosts a range of services that are available on the NHS and through our Private Patient Pathway.  The facility has a state of the art 3T Wide Bore MRI Scanner, X Ray and Ultrasound provision. It hosts fantastic services across many NHS Pathways. 

Thorpe Park Clinic is fully accessible, has transport routes from all over Leeds.  We welcome all referrals into Thorpe Park Clinic from across West Yorkshire.



Whether you’re paying for yourself or using private medical insurance, accessing our services is really easy. 


If you are paying for your procedure or treatment with medical insurance, you will need to liaise closely with the insurance provider throughout the process. 

​Before attending your first appointment, you should contact your insurance company to check that that your condition is covered for all stages of treatments.

You will need to visit your GP and ask them to refer you to The LivingCare Group at Thorpe Park Clinic for a private procedure. Your GP will write a letter of referral and then either you or your GP can contact us to arrange your first appointment.


We understand that immediate access to healthcare is sometimes essential. With our self-pay service, there are no waiting lists. Within 24 hours, you will be offered a consultation date to see a medical professional that is convenient for you. Our expert team can then give you an assessment and treatment within 1 week of your consultation.

Your consultation and any tests, scans or investigations will be charged separately, however all of these costs will be quoted to you before anything commences and you are under no obligation to continue your treatment with us unless you are happy to do so. 



Paying for yourself: 

To book an appointment, all you need to do is contact us on 0113 249 4655, alternatively you can email us here. Within 48 hours you will be offered a suitable appointment. You may also request a virtual appointment if you would prefer.

Book Online
We also have some availability to book appointments online.
You can view our online appointments by clicking here to visit our online bookings site.



Initial Consultation:  £200
Includes telephone follow-up after 2-3 weeks

Follow-up:  £95

I have private medical insurance:

​To book an appointment using private medical insurance please contact our administrative team on 0113 249 4655. Please ensure you have your medical insurance registration details to hand. Within 48 hours you will be offered a suitable appointment.