Our specialist consultants can provide a full pathway including some of the best technology in the world.  We can provide you with support from first symptoms through to investigation and treatment.


To see one of our consultants you will need to book an initial consultation. Here you can browse to see our consultants and choose your consultant yourself or by interest.

Mr Sanjeev Kotwal_edited.png

Sanjeev Kotwol

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Sushil Maslakar_edited.png

Sushil Maslekar

Consultant Colorectal/General Surgeon

Dr Faheem Latheef_edited.png

Faheem Latheef

Consultant Dermatologist

Mr Kapil Kapur_edited_edited.png

Kapil Kapur

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Mr Amit Prasai_edited.png

Amit Prasai

Consultant ENT surgeon

Mr Ian Smith 2_edited_edited.png

Ian Smith

Plastic Surgeon

Jiten Parmar_edited_edited.png

Jiten Parmar

Consultant in Maxillofacial surgery


Andy Cockbain

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Mr Noor Mohammed_edited_edited_edited.png

Noor Mohammed

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Mr Raj Mukherjee - 2_edited_edited.png

R Mukherjee

Consultant Ophthalmologist