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Athlete and Sports Club Swabbing

LivingCare work across various sports and athletes to provide swabbing and antibody testing in line with governing body guidelines.

We are providing swabbing with a quick turn around time recognising that your players and athletes want to have the knowledge of whether they can train or compete.


Your players or athletes can contact us to arrange for a swab to be undertaken as part of routine testing and where no symptoms are shown, at our site at Thorpe Park Clinic, Leeds or we can enable clubs to arrange for swabbing protocols to be undertaken within the club environment.


Our results are back within 28 hours and will be with you within 32. That’s from a door to door pick up and results back to your inbox.


Our Antibody tests are done using a sample of blood taken by a trained phlebotomist and will be sent away for analysis. The results will come straight back to your inbox. This service takes 5 days.


Services start from £75 per sample. 


If you are a club wishing to discuss this please email

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